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How to setup a Multi Store eCommerce platform for WordPress

Here we are running through how you can setup a multistore platform for WordPress and share products and sync stock between the stores. (If you already are running a WooCommerce shop please skip point 1 and go straight to point 2.)

  1. Install WordPress at a domain.
  2. Install WordPress Multisite for the WordPress site.
  3. Set up one or more domains in that multisite install or setup sites in sub domains or folders.
  4. Install WooCommerce and create some products in your main store (Your main store can be any of the sites you already created).
  5. Install the WordPress eCommerce multistore plugin.

Now you are ready to share products between the stores you have setup. And this is how to do it:

  1. In the main store where you created products, click on a product.
  2. In the product data field, click the Multistore tab
  3. Chose the stores where you want the product to appear
  4. Click Update product.

Now the product are available in all stores you did chose, and the stock will sync between that stores.

You will also get a page in the network admin that list of all orders from all stores.